Tips For Choosing The Best Car Insurance For Your Needs

Buying car insurance can be a real headache. The number of insurers available and the various products they offer complicate the choice. In recent years, many insurers have started to operate and have significantly increased competition in the automotive sector, allowing drivers to have more options to choose from and benefit from lower prices at different coverage. The companies launch major advertising campaigns in the media every day to capture attention of as many customers as possible. And they do it through deals with variety of products and services.

However, it is normal to have doubts about these ads, that sometimes are not complete and may be unreliable. By contracting with an insurer, do we know what we are signing? Do we know in detail the conditions? Do we read the ‘famous’ fine print? Around 34 percent of people taking car insurance coverage ignore the fine print of the contract. Below, you can finds tips to select the best insurance for your car.

Keys to buy insurance

The first thing to know is that auto insurance is mandatory. It should cover at least the driver’s responsibility for damages, both personal and material, to third parties. Insuring our car is an act of personal maturity, apart from being mandatory from a legal point of view. It is important to hire a policy to cover what we really need, apart from a coverage that do not meet our demands. In negotiation with the company, here are a series of basic questions policyholders should ask to know in detail all the conditions of the policy.

  • Can I repair my car in the workshop I want?
  • How much am I allowed to spend to make urgent repairs without previously contacting the company?
  • In case of an accident what will be the limit of repair and from what amount is considered a total loss?
  • How much will the company indemnify me?
  • In case of theft how long will it take to get paid?
  • How much money will I get paid?
  • Does the insurance contracted in my country covers me if I go abroad? Will I have to pay a supplement?

Aspects to consider in the policy

Before choosing a company and a certain coverage for your vehicle insurance, you have to consider some basic elements.

  • Require everything written. Do not trust what they tell you and promise. Everything should be reflected in a contract signed by both parties.
  • Know well what the policy does and does not.
  • Not only have a look at the prices, but also differences.
  • Pay the premium and demand a receipt attesting payment, it will serve in case of complaint.
  • Annually review the coverage of the policy, especially if it is against all risks. A car is a product that depreciates quickly, so it is useful to know whether you are paying a higher premium than the charge for compensation in the event of total loss.

Other guidelines when choosing car insurance

  • Select the proper coverage. It is advisable to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each points to choose the one that best suits your case (all risk, with and without excess, third party liability, unlimited liability …).
  • The price is also very important factor. However, you should not get carried away just for that aspect. Consider more what services the company offers (main and additional coverage, payments etc).
  • Compare by inquiring truthful information. Before deciding, it is advisable to compare the same products from different insurers. When asking for a quote, you should indicate whether the vehicle is to be driven by someone under 25, or younger.
  • Check if it’s worth all-risk insurance. The all-risk insurance cover for damage caused by the owner, but the compensation awarded by insurers tend to decrease over the years. From a certain moment in the life of the car, it is more advisable to buy a third-party policy.
  • Consider consulting a specialized insurance broker. Contracting insurance through a broker can offer you guarantees of safety and quality for being a legally regulated figure. The broker will also offer you a professional and personalized advice at no cost.
  • Evaluate the possibility of buying a franchise. For drivers that need a policy to any risk, one of the most direct ways to lower premium is to buy a franchise. With this mode, each time it imposes, the insured is responsible for a proportion of the costs of causing an accident. For good drivers, that never have accidents, or for those who do not use their car, it can be an excellent alternative.
  • Search for reviews from other customers. You must take into account the possibilities offered by the network to check and reviewing feedback from former clients either through forums or social networks.

If you follow all these steps, you are ready to choose the policy and the company adequate to your needs. All these premises are grouped into one basic idea: learn, compare similar insurance from different companies, not be swayed by price alone and select a product that meets your real needs. This is the best way to avoid “crashing” when choosing car insurance.