Privacy Policy and Terms

terms and privacy policy

You care about your privacy, so do we! This short and simple notice clearly informs you about how we conduct our service and how we handle any data provided by our users. Using our service means that you agree to the terms below.

– To search for insurance on, you do not need to register for an account. You simply have to use our search tool that is provided to you completely free. This means that you do not need to provide your name, email address, credit card information or any other sensitive data to be collected by us.
– Our search tool is powered by Google Custom Search and Google Adsense that use cookies to be able to provide insurance results based on your location. They do not collect private information from you. You can check Google ads privacy policy on
– We may only collect your name and email address if you use our contact form or subscribe to our newsletter.
– You can rest assured that you will not hear from us frequently if you subscribe to our newsletter because you hate SPAM, so do we!
– We will never share or disclose your name or email address to any third parties.
– We are not in any manner responsible for your privacy on the websites of the insurance companies listed here. Please make sure to check their respective privacy policy.
– You are not authorized to copy and reproduce any content on this website. Doing that may result in legal action against you.
– The terms above are subjected to change any time without notice.

Last updated on Aug 08, 2015